Smart Link

Bulk SMS reseller service provider.

Manage and execute campaigns, serve your customers with the smart link that helps you create personalized encounters, logical and isolated customer allegiance. Smart link has a lot of benefits that enable you to build ties with customers as it makes it easier for customers to connect with you through their smart phones as it provides them with short URL links.

Create, track and manage hundreds of Zip-Lynk enabled short link URLs with a breeze on our web portal with a summary of views of each link.

SMS Features

Engage customers with interactive SMS features

Robust connect

Super Zip- Lynk

Connect with your customers by creating short link URL with each number and do away with connecting through mobile numbers.

Robust connect

Campaign tracker

You can manage the amount of traffic coming to your website and also boost your campaign while creating new target with the help of these smart links.

Robust connect

Real-time Analytics

Get the insights int reports and see how your digital marketing strategies are working through the smart zip lynk.

Robust connect

URL shortener

Provide the short URL to your customers so that they can have an easy access to your site,page or product very easily even with their smart phones.

Robust connect

Link Management

This feature enables you to manage various zip lynk enabled URLs very easily and also allows you to view a summary at the click on each link.

Smart Messaging

You can share images, PDFs, documents by creating a short link for each and optimize your messages accordingly.

Promotional Sms

Build brand value

With the smart link, you are enabled to gain control of the campaign and generate more clients and customers which in turn will have to have a brand name and value for yourself.

Transectional Sms
International Sms

Lead generation

Generation of leads become easy as people are able to easily access your short link URLs.

International Sms

Scalable and Secure

Send links to as many customers as possible and improve your business since using smart link from our platform will improve it.


Engage customers with interactive SMS features

Surveys & Polling

You can conduct smart link surveys and polling to track your audience and trends on a real time basis.

Lead Generation

Generate the leads by integrating smart link to your campaign and see your business grow with multiple leads.

Promote Offers/Products

By integrating the smart zip link to your campaign, and promote your products and offers at various platforms, mobile phones etc.