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If you know what marketing means, you would definitely know the fact that increasing revenue by acquiring new clients is its basic aim. Retaining customers just requires sending right correspondence to the right people. To do so, you need to club your clients who have been previously in touch with you. Another aspect to this is that none of the two customer's behavior matches. So, segmenting is not the only solution. Segmenting needs to be optimized knowing the fresh interests of the customers. Retention involves keen efforts and major efforts, as it isn't enough to send one email. You need to keep your subscribers and clients involved over the features and must aim at creating them into lifetime clients.

Email Features

Engage customers with interactive Email features

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Create a mailing list.

Create segmented databases of all sorts of clients you have. Mailing lists are yet beneficial to be created as they serve the purpose of reaching all clients in a single attempt.

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Automate your work

Mechanize your work; do not stoop down to manual performances; else you may suffer heavy revenue losses. Let the tools and their effectiveness serve the purpose.

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Monitor your performance

Monitor your performance by knowing the increased number of visitors visiting your web page. Earn in dollars with every new user!

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Email Scheduling

Make time based email delivery now. We serve email scheduling. This feature is of great importance in the way that no manual tasks would be further involved to send correspondences!

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Contact List Import

While you use this feature, you would have heavy benefits in increasing your targeted audiences. You can also reach out people who were not your clients previously and hence increase chances to market your website well!

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Real-Time Analytics

Perform and record real-time aspects of what kind of emails your client is fond of. Knowing your user's interests and proceeding is a way to efficient marketing.


What tamper-proof means? According to the Oxford University, Tamper-proof means keeping a package or a contained sealed until it is sold out. Email retention provides a tamper-proof feature, which is kept secure until the administrator logs into it. Only professional business accounts are capable of utilizing this feature.

Promotional Sms

Increase ROI

The marketers will get higher returns with the help of our promotional message services as it enable the marketers to find more number of people attracted to their business.

Transectional Sms
International Sms

Flexible retention policies

A flexible retention policy such as CloudBacko allows you to manage your backup retention. Now-a-days, most of the users and companies feel free to back up their data sets so as to prevent data loss, etc.

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Business accounts

A business requires suitable controlling of its account. Business accounts deal with managing bank balances of an enterprise. Tracking cash is its major job. Cash owned by a business or the cash to be distributed to a firm is all done by the business accounts and no more manually.