Promotional Email Services

Promotional Email to Market your Brand.

Bulk Email supplier is principally an email publicizing skill which encompasses directing correspondences to a huge amount of patrons at a time. A huge database of mass is targeted to send emails and thus saving a huge lot of time composing different mails separately. Promotional/marketing mails are sent to all those users who have signed in with a particular enterprise; but at the same time the providers need to keep in mind that each user receives the mail with an unsubscribe link too.

Promotional correspondences are marketing mails sent to attract a user to a company's product, spread awareness and let the patrons know about the company's policies and features.

Email Features

Engage customers with interactive Email features

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List-building Tools

Email marketing is handy, and yet most efficient tool. Enhancing lead generation can be done by just collecting emails from all those who visits your website once.

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Tracking & Reporting

Tracking (Tools include SEO, Pay per Click, etc.) is the most efficient outcome of online marketing over offline marketing.

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Customizable Templates

These are pre-defined templates which can be used as the base template of a newly designed website.

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Image Library

Welcome to our huge image library and get a stock full of images. Enjoy our magnificent collection! Stay Linked!

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Email Scheduling

Schedule your emails according to the right time! Personalize your correspondence with a date and perfect time!

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Contact List Import

Import the user's mail contacts to a cloud based platform! With the help of extension .csv the contacts can be imported to Microsoft Outlook

Flexible Data Integrations

Investigators accumulate varied forms of data from varied sources and store them to different storage forms. To investigate this diverse data, data integration needs to be executed.

Promotional Sms

Comprehensive Segmentation

Segmentation is the course of apportioning numerous clients into diverse segments or clusters; characterizing according to different factors.

Transectional Sms
International Sms

Workflow Automation

It is a way out to bungling procedures and mislaid period. Workflow automation involves no paper or manuals tasks.

International Sms

Expand Your Customer Base

Increase the number of your customers because you shall be able to send them promos, offers, etc to your target audience worldwide.