Interactive Voice Response System

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Interactive voice response system is one system that interacts with callers, customers gather information and routes calls to the target recipients. It allows humans to interact with the computers using voice or a dual-tone multi frequency (DTMF) signaling keypad.

IVR uses prerecorded and dynamically generated audio to interact with customers. The key benefit to IVR systems is that they can handle large volumes of calls, where only simple interactions are required.

SMS Features

Engage customers with interactive SMS features

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Multi-Agent Access

Your users and agents can have the access to and track their performance and do the follow-ups by logging in, on our dashboard.

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Record Calls

Interactive voice response system also allows you to record calls, monitor them and see how you enhance the call quality and your own productivity. This kind of works as feedback where you are to see your team's performance and improve it accordingly.

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Call Forwarding

The options of call forwarding are also available. If you are not the correct person to answer the queries of the customers, the call can be forwarded to the right agents so that your customers get the desired answers.

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SMS Notifications

You can send the SMS notification such as thank you messages or feedback messages for the call to improve your connections with the customers.

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Agent Group

To ensure the smooth work and avoid any confusion, you can make an agent group so that you know where to direct calls for various purposes.

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User-friendly Interface

IVR systems give you a user-friendly interface which can be accessed from anywhere to configure call flow and to modify it, in case that is required.

Cloud based Web Platform

Record all customer messages on voice mail on non-working hours and off days. You never miss a business lead with cloud IVR solutions.

Promotional Sms


Allow your users to have a personalized call in their regional languages and also by allowing them to talk with a person instead of the computer.

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Better Quality With Accuracy

IVRS helps you to have the best quality calls which are full of accuracy and helps your customers have the information they desire. You can eradicate the manual dialing with the automated dialing that which provides you with 100% efficiency.

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Enhance Customer Experience

Since this uses the key tones to adjust information as per the customers' instructions, it has better way of registering the data without having the customer to repeat what they have to say.


Engage customers with interactive SMS features

Call Management

You can manage your calls in a way as to improve your productivity as you direct calls to a respective agent, department as per the customers' requirements so that there is no issues and problems to the customers.

24x7 Customer Support

IVR technology can operate without any interruptions and is available to provide information to callers whenever they need it. This, in turn, can help increase your sales because this let your customers have on-call assistance anytime they need with increased productivity.

Surveys & Polling

IVR systems help you have better feedback from your customers. This is very much used by E-commerce to gather how a certain product is liked by the customers. You can gather information and feedback through this IVRS.

Call Handling

Handle calls perfectly to the customers' satisfaction. Help them verify their doubts and queries regarding orders, products, etc. When a customer calls, the agent will automatically get info on the company's last interaction with the customer, allowing him to proactively address the issue and pick up the conversation