Click 2 Call Solution

Renovate countless network guests into your initialed patrons and enhance your niceties.

Click-to-call amenity just requires a single click, and then what? The patron can enter his contact information and exchange words with the administration (24x7) under a concurrent access. These services if proficiently used can unquestionably make the consumer reliable on enterprise conveniences, which he chose amongst thousand others.

SMS Features

Engage the users with appealing SMS geographies

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Call Recording

Here’s something more interesting! Have a keen check on your employee by this call recording facility of ours. Let him know that the management is always the guiding head.

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Smart Agent

Our smart agent is on-duty 24x7. Just by your tick, we pledge to reach you out and aid in the finest probable style

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Easy Integration

Assimilate your CRM systems, LMS systems or E-commerce websites by our easy and manageable assimilation.

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Hosted solution

Now, shelter your pecuniary incidentals as we are constantly accessible to host the connectivity and the software too

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Inbuilt HTML Code

Facilitate Click-to-call functionality onto your website; we provide inbuilt HTML codes. You just need to implement the same onto your platform. Sounds too perfect and easy!

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24X7 Up and Running

We assist services that are skillfully coped and stay available with our patrons all day long. Our 24x7 facilities are alluring and professionally handled

Connect to Relevant Agent

Our SMS gateway links right away to the prominent Mobile machinists across the world.

Promotional Sms

Increase Sales

Assist the clients with the best possible features and in turn increase your sale and enhance your consumption regularly

Transectional Sms
International Sms

Boost Productivity

Employees can be served through incentives and their productivity can be boosted by resolving connectivity concerns and alluring the gateways.

International Sms

Web-based Telemarketing

Drive your business and succeed by opting interactive web-based telemarketing services


Engage customers with interactive SMS features


Develop and renew your website by installing our widget and stay connected with your leads whenever they ask for you. Also, instant calling facility will surely make your clients run after you!

Mobile App

Now, don’t carry your laptops to every trip of yours. Just install our widget onto your application and carry on with the same amenities anywhere around the globe.

Fetch Data

Let your customers know that you consider them too! Create a database of all your efficient clients with their names, contacts and other details, reach them out easily and effectively, stay connected with them and let them feel extra special with all the breath-taking comforts you serve.

Lead Generation

Interaction with the customers and answering to their queries is superior-most. Let your innumerable website visitors turn into your leads by serving them efficient click-to-call service.