Audio Conferencing Solution

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Connect with multiple people through audio conference calls. Audio conferencing participants can either be dialed directly by the meeting host or dial in manually to the Conferencing Bridge to join the call. Modern audio conferencing solutions often include a visual software component that can control many of these features using the host's desktop or laptop to manipulate settings, control guest volume, etc

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High Quality

While you are making business related conference calls, it made sure that there are no distortions, disturbances and your multi party call is very successful and is of high quality.

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Great Coverage

Through this audio conferencing you are connected to various people at one time and these people can be from various parts of the world. Pasmina Technology brings to you the audio conference calls that cover a large area of network and the countries.

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User-friendly Interface

The audio conferencing has been integrated with the user friendly interface both on phone and on the web platforms for the convenience of the users.

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Call Continuation

Your call with the others shall not be interrupted if any of the participants of the calls, drops out of the call. You can still continue with others without any disturbance.

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Audio conference calls can be very well used to plan, organize and schedule the meetings according to your own preference and that of your clients at once.

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This is perhaps the most beneficial thing as you can record the calls and listen to the recordings later for any clarification and/or in case you have missed the call.

Ease of Use

Conference calls are easy to use and you can multiple members while on call with one with very much ease. It is equally easy to drop out of an ongoing call without disturbing the other participant’s connections.

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The conference calls you make are secured and you shall not be having any disturbance by the anonymous calls while you are already in the middle of a conference call.

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The audio conferencing services as offered by Pasmina technology are reliable in terms of voice quality and that there shall be a smooth conversation without any distortions.

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Save Your Time

Since this technology is also used for meetings etc where different people can unite and talk over things without traveling to long distances to conduct meetings.


Engage customers with interactive SMS features

Remote Support

You can reach your clients living in remote areas, through this conferences service and can support your clients by solving the issues, addressing the problems over the voice calls.

Share Report

The audio conferencing can be used to share your annual or quarterly reports, monthly status and the company data which is the bonus for both the clients and service owners.

Web Conference

This also allows you sharing data, making conference calls through the desktop over calls. You can make calls on web without much difficulty as you can integrate this technology with the desktop software to work better.

Business Presentation

The productivity of the business will increase because you can use this audio conference to make the presentations on web through desktop without actually having been present. Because this virtual medium helps you reach your clients and customers on time